Tuesday, February 2, 2010


1. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our survey for the Geog Major's Identity, we're very happy with the enthusiastic response! We will be organising a Design Competition for ALL Geog Majors to submit their designs starting Monday 1 February and ending Friday 12 February.

Based on Survey Feedback:

  • The design should be suited for a white AND black background- Attached to the email is a sample template, the design should be appropriate for a Round Neck Tshirt
  • Please refrain from having any sleeve designs and minimal designs on the back of the shirt-The design should include something that represents the Geography Department and Majors e.g. "NUS GEOG" or even " GEOGRAPHERS AT NUS" (or other similar tag phrases)
  • Please refrain from any profanities and images which may be deemed offensive or disturbingThe content of the design must be original and must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property laws.

Please submit all designs to nusgeographicalsociety@gmail.com with your Name, Matric Number and Contact Number. The top 5 designs will be selected and subjected to another round of voting in Week 6 after the CNY Break. Top 5 designs will be selected at NUS Geog Soc's discretion. The Society shall reserve the right to edit the designs for printing.

2. A fellow Geography Major, Heather Chi, is involved in a very inspiring project and we'd like to bring it to your kind attention for those interested to join:

Interested in engaging in practical research?

Interested in working with local non-profits to support the community?

Since we have to do term papers anyway...

Why not join...WeSearch!

WeSearch! is an independent youth research initiative that aims to connect undergraduates in NUS interested in practical, action-oriented community research with civil society organizations requiring research for education and advocacy efforts. WeSearch! is motivated by the desire to provide an open platform for students in NUS and beyond to engage in meaningful and practical research, providing them the opportunity to hone their research skills, gain a better appreciation of the scope of applied social research, and encourage direct involvement in the local community.

Our theme for 2010 “Social Action Across Divides”, with a focus on forms of social action and community service that bridge the real and artificial divides between different demographic and social groups in Singapore. Civil society groups we're working with this year include: AWARE (women's issues), com.passion.sg (poverty and inequality), H.O.M.E and TWC2 (migrants' issues), Migrant Voices (oral history), The Online Citizen (local issues), Project X (sex work) and Think Centre (human rights and civil society).

More information: http://www.wesearchsg.org/

How We Work
WeSearch!’s main role is to provide a platform to connect civil society groups with enthusiastic, research-oriented youth:

  • Browse through the “Research Wanted” list, or our list of research partners, to get a sense of what community research is required. Think critically about the research questions at hand. Ask: Given this civil society organization’s mission and objectives, why are they interested in finding out about this. Does this research support one of their core programmes? Are they hoping to put together an awareness brochure or advocacy paper?
  • After you’ve chosen a research issue you’re interested in, send an email to the contact person listed for more details as well as to determine the scope and scale of the research. You could conduct research in conjunction with an academic module, or independently as a volunteer. There is absolutely no commitment at this stage.
  • If you’ve confirmed a research issue to tackle, drop us an email at wesearchsg@gmail.com to let us know what topic you’ve taken and how we may contact you.
  • That’s it! On our side, we’ll follow up with you and your chosen research partner, as well as update our portal to indicate research that has been taken – as well as provide your contact details (or nickname) so that other interested researchers can get in touch with you directly, or indirectly through us. Thank You!

Find Out More
WeSearch! aims to hold a Seminar in March 2010, inviting our research partners to share their research needs with the student community! This is likely to be held on March 3 (Wed), 6.30pm @ LT9.
If you would like to be in the loop, do drop us an email at wesearchsg@gmail.com or join us on Facebook!