Monday, February 1, 2010


Oh yes we spent the last saturday of January 2010 at the Central Fire Station! :)

We really wanted to slide down the pole! but it wasn't allowed because its very unsafe. So the firemen slid down one by one, haha that is the last guy who just landed.

A very happy Yuting in the drivers seat of a fire engine!

yeaa many others tried it too! how often do you get the chance to sit in the driver's seat?

Getting up the fire engine, to the 'passenger'-cum-'changing'-section.

Sitting in the 'passenger'-cum-'changing'-section of the fire engine. yes, when an accident comes up, our firemen rush in, and 4 of them change in that space you see the four pretty ladies sitting in.

Chengying demonstrates how to use this watergun! Ha! This is forward

To the right...

and to the left!
notice the volume of water that comes out is quite different. the 'blast' is different..

this that Ian is carrying is termed as the firemen's 'wife'. without it, they cannot go on to save lives in a fire. This is where they get their supply of compressed air, to breathe in oxygen-lacking area, and its said to weigh 12 kg!

yea! Aaron tries to carry it too.

No sweat! 12 kg only!!

yeaaa happy right :) but imagine lugging 12 kg, up and down the stairs for training.. Not easy lah.

The fire hose! It has water pressure up to a level of 10, but for now, we tried it at a level of 3.

Wow! Yes the water that comes out can be adjusted to come out like this!

Group picture with our guide for the day :) Mr Lewis Tan.

Group picture with the firemen! and a cute little visitor :)

Aww cute :)

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