Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Geography Sports Day 2014

Good Day to all Geography Department Staff and Geography Majors! 

Geographical Society will be organising Sports Day ’14 during the second week of semester 2! We will be playing Captain’s Ball this year! Simply grab your friends and form a team of 5! Even if you are unable to find a team of 5, just sign up and we will group you with others together! This would be an excellent opportunity for you to network and get to know other Geography Majors! This would also be an awesome occasion to come together to partake in some sports!

Date: 20th January 2014
Location: Field next to Sports and Recreation Centre Track
Time: 1630H – 1800H

Exciting prizes for the teams that emerges top 3! Do sign up at the links provided below!

Registration form for Geography Department Staff:

Registration form for Geography Majors:

The closing date for registration is 18th January 2014 2359H.

Should you have any questions, do feel free to ask any Geographical Society’s 48th Management Committee members or simply comment here!

We will see you at the field!

Eugene Poh
I/C Sports Day 2014