Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Geography T-Shirts Order

Hi Geographers!

As previously mentioned, NUS Geographical Society is proud to present the Majors' T-shirt for AY2013/2014! The final chosen design, 'NUS Geography: Where It All Takes Place' is designed by our very own Geographers, Shona Loong and Loo Wen Bin!

Here are the colours available for the 'NUS Geography: Where It All Takes Place' Majors' T-shirt 2013/2014:

Dark Blue:



Also, due to popular positive feedback, we will be re-printing the "Keep Calm and Geog On" Majors' T-shirt from AY2011/2012! Orders for the "Keep Calm and Geog On" shirt can also be placed by filling in the same form.

Below are the available colours for the "Keep Calm and Geog On" T-shirt for reference:

Dark Blue:

Light Blue:


Disclaimer: Please note that the actual colours of the T-shirts may not not be 100% identical to what is shown in the pictures!

The price for the Majors' T-shirt AY2013/2014 (NUS Geography: Where It All Takes Place) is $12 per shirt.

The price for the Majors' T-shirt AY2011/2012 (Keep Calm and Geog On) is $12 per shirt.

To place an order for your Majors' T-shirt, please fill in this form:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1EctkhFJZv5JMJS3JoqFhdKNqw5TqzujBhOPPMNnZehg/viewform

Please note that once you fill in the form you will be required to submit your cash payment during our payment collection periods along the AS1 Walkway. You should be able to spot our big banner!

Collection of payment for the T-shirts will be done on 23 and 24th October 2013, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am - 5pm.

Should you be unable to make payment during the above timeslots, you may ask a friend to help you make payment. If this is really not an option, please send me an email at geogsoc.specialprojects@gmail.com and we can work something out.

Please note that ALL orders will close on 22 October 2013 (Tuesday) at 11.59pm.

To view the size chart, click here: http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/9115/0j3b.jpg

Warmest regards,
Special Projects Cell
NUS Geographical Society
48th Management Committee