Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Introducing the 48th Management Committee

Dear Geography Professors, Staffs, Majors, Alumni and Friends,
On behalf of the NUS Geographical Society, I would like to introduce the newly elected 48th Management Committee.

NUS Geographical Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to:
1. Serving the needs, welfare and aspirations of geography majors in NUS
2. Maintaining a strong and close relationship between the student community and the Department of Geography
3. Promoting the discipline of Geography amongst the Singaporean student community
The 48th Management Committee will strive towards these goals and we hope that you will continue to lend us your generous support. It will be an eventful and fulfilling year ahead and we look forward to working closely with each and everyone of you!
Thank you. 
Warmest Regards,
Kayley Ng
President, 48th Management Committee
NUS Geographical Society