Thursday, May 23, 2013

Invitation to be a part of FASS Mentorship Programme 2013/2014

Dear Geography Majors (Year 2 going on to Year 3; and Year 3 going on to Honours Year in 2013/14),

I hope you are all enjoying your well-deserved vacation break! This message concerns a career-exposure programme that will benefit you  the FASS Mentorship Programme 2013/14 (FASSMP) for students planning to graduate next year (May/Dec 2014).

In this programme, you will be matched with a FASS Alumni Mentor who can Lend a Helping Hand in your Transition from University to Working Life.  Each mentor can select up to 3 students to provide career and personal development guidance over the period of 1 year (August 2013 till July 2014 - during which at least four meetings are encouraged).  It is up to mentors and their mentees to decide how best to engage each other in the exchange of ideas, and sharing of experiences and knowledge; whether over a meal, involvement in seminars and event management, or office visits to understand the working environment etc.  In 2012/13, about 100 FASS students were enrolled in the programmeincluding many Geography majors.

This is what Five Geography Majors had to say about their FASSMP experience:

Ervin PANG (Geography/Economics Majors)
“My mentorship experience has been really enjoyable and useful for my career development. My mentor generously shared his experiences and knowledge about working life and the service industry. Most importantly, he also enlightened me about the compromises, ups and downs if I choose to enter the service industry as a graduate…. I became clearer about what I want in a career and job after this one year of mentorship.”

Jonathan WANG (Geography Major)
“This journey transcended beyond that of a mentor-mentee relationship to one of strong friendship. I am indeed fortunate to be part of this programme, having known my mentor cum friend and learning so much more about the tourism industry from him.”

Sarabjeet SINGH (Geography Major)
“I was truly privileged in that my FASS mentorship experience was in many ways no less than an internship experience! My mentor provided opportunities for me to get “hands-on” experience and an insider’s perspective on the tourism sector. As a student with various other school commitments, I also benefited tremendously from the flexibility the program offered in terms of arranging meetings with my mentor. During these meetings, my mentor candidly related personal experiences for me to learn from and readily addressed the many questions I had for him. I am certain that the FASS mentorship experience will prove to be a crucial first step I took closer to graduation, and in preparation for embarking on my career path. It has also been memorable in that it accorded me an invaluable learning experience outside of NUS.”

Melisa LOH (Geography Major)
“I remember seeking my mentor’s advice when I sent in my first job application, attended my first interview and when I received my first rejection. In all instances, his sound counsel helped me make the best of each situation and prepared me for the next hurdle. His patience and words of affirmation made me realise that securing a job need not be as lonely or confusing an experience as some make it out to be.”

Juvy Pang (Geography Major)

“My mentor was generous in showering career & personal advice. Despite her busy schedule, she is always prompt in replying emails & even meeting up over meals. She even offered me an internship opportunity at the Singapore Tourism Board. At the end of this mentorship, I gained more than just career guidance but also personal development....”

Please submit your application ONLINE HERE; the information requested will allow mentors to ‘understand’ you a little, so that a good match can be made.  Please note that while we try to match you according to your preferred work sector(s), it may not always be possible (depending on the availability of mentors in the sector and whether you have been selected by them or not). We will inform you of the success of your application by July 2013.  A Briefing will be scheduled for all successful mentees (early August), followed by a Dinner for all mentors and mentees to meet (usually week 2 of Sem 1; last year, we had a wonderful dinner at Clarke Quay followed by a boat cruise to Marina Bay!).

Please click to read A Guiding Hand From Alumni Mentors (article published in the AlumNUSmagazine).

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Lynn Tan / Kat Ho at

Best Regards, 
Dr T.C. Chang
Vice Dean (External Relations and Student Life), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Geography