Saturday, March 17, 2012

FASS Mentorship Programme 2012 - Applications Open Now!

Dear FASS Students,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that application for the FASS Mentorship Programme 2012/13 (FASSMP) is now open for students planning to graduate in May 2013.

Be matched with a FASS alumni mentor to lend a helping hand in your transition from university to working life.  Each mentor can select up to 3 students to provide career and personal development guidance over the period of 1 year (mid-August 2012 till July 2013 - during which at least four meetings are encouraged).  It is up to mentors and their mentees to decide how best to engage each other in the exchange of ideas, and sharing of experiences and knowledge; whether over a meal, involvement in seminars and event management, or office visits to understand the working environment etc.  In 2011/12, a total of 111 FASS students were enrolled in the programme.

Two FASS undergraduates had this to say about their FASSMP experience:

“I think the value of the Mentorship Programme lies in one word: SHARING. My mentor shared with me what he thought really mattered in the real world – good interpersonal skills and being tactful. My mentor even revealed a little about what considerations they have when they look at applicants’ resumes. So in a sense he is like a career coach, offering good and valid advice based on his own experiences.”
(Wilson Chen, Psychology Major)

“From the time I first met my mentor at the opening ceremony to my job application process, and right up till the time I signed my appointment letter, he has been a great source of support. He encouraged me to keep my options open, taught me how to write an impressive resume and the necessary preparation skills for interviews. Even when I was contemplating which offer to take up, he took time out of his busy schedule to advise me on the factors I should consider. My friends who did not join this Programme think that I am really blessed, which I totally agree.” (Janice Lui, Political Science Major)

To apply for the programme, please submit your application ONLINE HERE by Friday 23 March 2012; the information requested will allow mentors to ‘understand’ you a little, so that a good match can be made.  Please note that while we try to match you according to your preferred work sector(s), it may not always be possible (depending on the availability of mentors in the sector and whether you have been selected by them or not).

We will inform you of the success of your application by June/July 2012.  A Briefing will be scheduled for all successful mentees (just before Semester 1, 2012/13 begins), followed by a Dinner for all mentors and mentees to meet (Week 2 of Semester 1, 2012/13).

Please click to read A Guiding Hand From Alumni Mentors (article published in the AlumNUS magazine).

If you are unable to view this, please click HERE

All the very best,
Dr T.C. Chang
Vice Dean (External Relations and Student Life), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 
Associate Professor, Department of Geography