Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Geog Soc Outing: Bukit Brown Cemetery

NUS Geographical Society proudly presents...

A trip to Bukit Brown Cemetery 

'The Land Transport Authority's plan to open a major road through Bukit Brown Cemetery which is of eco-heritage value has raised debates between conservationists and developmentalists. One sees the more intangible but longer term cultivation of a collective sense of identity and belonging as well as the importance of protecting the undeveloped environment; the other, the short-term but lucrative demands for growth and prosperity' (Liew Kai Kun, 2011)

Join us this December as we explore Bukit Brown Cemetery, experience the eco-heritage of Bukit Brown and simultaneously discuss this 'nature' versus society debate imbued with politics and power. 

Date: 17th December 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 0930 to 1200
Meet at: Bus Stop 41149 (directly outside Bukit Brown and opposite Singapore Island Country Club (SICC), Lornie Road (for more information on how to get there, please refer to the poster below) 
Please Bring: Mosquito Repellent, water, an umbrella and $10 for food 

Please RSVP to by 12th December 2011 (Monday)